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Technology encourages creative industrial growth.

Technology based lessons offer core skills to those who aspire to design, make and create.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 develop their skills in design, making and creating.  They learn both 2D and 3D processes in: communication, visual interpretation, practical solutions and materials.  Pupils study a rotating programme of creative design and food technology.  Creative design includes: textiles technology, design and making and aspects of graphic solutions.  Food technology develops pupils making skills for GCSE, they make and design a number of recipes and learn about healthy eating.

Key Stage 4

Pupils are taught the most recent food and nutrition course by AQA.  Both sweet and savoury  products are made including: bread, pastry, cakes and sauces.  Products and meals are created using, meat, fish, alternative protein foods, dairy foods, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Pupils participate in planning, preparation, cooking and serving. Nutrition, food and kitchen safety and traditions are also studied.  This is an engaging programme that assists pupils to develop an interest in the importance and provenance of food and the food industries.


Pupils are encouraged to attend after school sessions to develop their insights and interests.  Pupils are offered visits to industry providers and encouraged to participate in our school competitions. The programme is enhanced by guest speakers.  Pupils also become involved with school fundraising events for charities.

Head of Department

Mrs J Whiteley