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The main aims of the music department at Fearns are to encourage creativity, individuality, independence and confidence. Pupils are given opportunities through practical work to develop their keyboard and vocal skills and to compose and perform in a range of styles of music.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7 and 8 study music as part of the National Curriculum. Students are taught in mixed-ability groups. Homework is generally of a practical nature. Lessons are differentiated to cater for all ability levels. Each topic usually lasts for a term and will consist of a variety of performing, composing and listening activities.

Key Stage 4

Pupils can choose BTEC Music as an option at Key Stage 4. They study the following units from the BTEC level 2 first award edexcel syllabus;

  • The Music Industry (core unit)
  • Managing a Music Product (core unit)
  • Introducing Music Performance (optional unit)
  • Introducing Music Composition (optional unit)

All pupils must complete the core units and 2 optional units which are generally the optional units from above. In Year 10 pupils study the music industry and complete the external examination. Throughout the course pupils prepare solo performances on their chosen instrument and keep a record of practice techniques and skills developed during the course. They develop their composition skills by composing music for a range of instruments and in a range of styles. During the first term of Year 11 pupils plan, rehearse and take full responsibility for organising a performance showcasing the talents of Fearns pupils. They develop their independence, a sense of responsibility, team work skills and a huge sense of achievement by completing this unit of work.


Pupils are encouraged to perform at school events including assemblies, seasonal productions, open evening and talent shows. They regularly use the music rooms at lunchtime and after school to work individually or in groups on their performance and composition work.

Music Teacher

Mrs T. Ward