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Art is embracing and encourages well rounded human beings.

Art is both aspiring and grounding.  Pupils benefit from studying the visual arts in a number of ways, including: organizational skills, self-realization, internal discipline  and a life-long arts appreciation.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Years 7-9 develop their formal skills in a variety of 2D ways, through: drawing, painting,  printing and 3D processes in clay. Textiles skills are embedded within the annual programme providing an insight into techniques, equipping pupils ready for the  GCSE art textiles programme. Composition and the power of art are encompassed with project based studies.  Pupils also develop their contextual skills, placing the importance of these within historical timelines. Pupils are taught through a discipline based approach that is developed from the curriculum and the AQA framework, ensuring a strong foundation for study at GCSE level.

Key Stage 4

There are two options for study at GCSE, these are fine art and art textiles.  The route taken by individuals,  depends upon their interests.  In fine art pupils explore 2D skills in greater depth: drawing, painting, printing, 3D processes and photography.  These are explored as projects and pupils are encouraged to produce a number of personal responses to the themes. In art textiles pupils study: hand and machine based sewing techniques, fabric dying and manipulation, 3D processes and modern influences.  Formal art techniques such as drawing, texture, line and colour are also integrated to assist with design  solutions. These are discovered through a number of projects with personal outcomes being sought as a final solution.


Pupils are encouraged to attend after school sessions to either develop their project or discover new techniques to enhance their discoveries, such as: printing, photography and personal areas of interest.  Pupils are taken on trips to galleries to inform and develop their own conceptions.

An art and crafts enterprise is also available to those pupils who wish to develop a niche for selling and learning about creative industries for the purpose of retail, or making art for an audience.

Head of Department

Mrs J Whiteley