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Art is embracing and encourages well rounded human beings.

Art is both aspiring and grounding.  Pupils benefit from studying the visual arts in a number of ways, including: organizational skills, self-realization, internal discipline  and a life-long arts appreciation.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 develop their formal skills in a variety of 2D ways through: drawing, painting, printing and 3D processes. Composition and the power and meaning of art are encompassed with project based studies.   Pupils are taught and continue to practise the elements of art and are encouraged to develop their own artistic insights through being taught artistic behaviour.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art & Design Edexcel Pearson Pupils begin their journey by selecting a theme of their choice. They are then guided through the assessment objectives with an emphasis on literacy and art vocabulary.  This, we feel, assists pupils in their creative approach and aids their own artistic development. 

Pupils continue to practise the elements of art along with contemporary and design principles. Component 1 worth 60% of the total grade.

Project 1: Self-selected theme and tutor-lead master classes in a number of techniques including: painting, drawing, printing, pastel work and photography.

Project 2: Pupils study and explore ‘ways of seeing’ through experimental and realistic drawing methods.  Pupils are encouraged to use a camera as a means to drawing and they have the option to apply digital enhancement and modifications to aid their development ideas.

Component 2 worth 40% of the total grade

Project 3: this is the final project and is an externally set question from the exam board, Edexcel. Most of our pupils now study the Fine Art, Art & Design specification, however, this is open to discussion for those who may wish to specialise in other areas related to Art & Design.


Pupils are encouraged to attend after school sessions to either develop their project or discover new techniques to enhance their discoveries, such as: printing, photography and personal areas of interest.  Pupils are taken on trips to galleries to inform and develop their own conceptions.

An art and crafts enterprise is also available to those pupils who wish to develop a niche for selling and learning about creative industries for the purpose of retail, or making art for an audience.

Head of Department

Mrs J Whiteley