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Fish! at Fearns

Here at Fearns we follow the Fish! Philosophy.  Fish! is a way of life for us at Fearns and everything we do, we do following the four practices of Fish!  It helps our pupils do the right things and make the right choices and it helps create energetic and fun environments.

Learn more about the four practices below.

Choose Your Attitude

At its core this practice is about pupils taking responsibility for their choices.  It helps pupils understand consequences, both positive and negative, of their choices and develop strategies to become aware of how their choices impact upon them and the people around them.


This practice is about encouraging and reaffirming our pupils' natural curiosity.  It is about energising lessons and creating classrooms which are safe, positive and energetic environments to learn in.

Make Their Day

This practice helps our pupils understand that when they acknowledge each other and encourage each other they set a tone for the school which makes all pupils feel included and involved.

Be There

This practice enables our pupils to enhance their listening skills, ability to focus and ability to communicate respect to each other.  These skills enhance their learning opportunities but are skills which carry them through to adulthood.