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February 7, 2019

World Champion Tejay hopes for Olympic place

KICKBOXER and instructor Tejay Bacon is a world champion again and now hopes to represent his country at Olympic level.

Tejay,15, attends Fearns and has been kickboxing at Alf’s Blackbelt Academy since he was three.

He said: “The championship was held in Dublin and I won gold in the -45kg semi-contact, silver in -45kg light contact and bronze in the 13-14 open weight team points competition.

“This is the ninth world championship I have attended and in most of them I have come away with a gold medal.

“As well as training, I also instruct the younger ones aged between four and 13 and I attend Alf’s every day for about eight hours in a week.”

To earn the gold he took on five challengers and although he said the heats were easy,the final was tough.

It was a split decision that led to him winning silver, after another four bouts and he was part of a three-man team from the England squad when he was awarded bronze.

His sister Shannon, now 18, is also a former Fearns pupil and now competes in the adults section. She also won Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Tejay said: “I like the sport because it gives me something to do instead of being at home on an XBox. I would like to go to the Olympics and hope that one day it will become an Olympic sport.”