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April 25, 2019

Trés bonne Fearns French trip

A PARTY of 32 pupils from Fearns enjoyed a three-day French trip that whetted their appetite for the language.

While there they went on a river cruise on the Seine and saw the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was devastated by fire just days after their return.

On the first day the students from Year 7-9 went on a sightseeing tour of the capital city and enjoyed a bird’s eye view of Paris after zooming up 56 floors of the 200m high Montparnasse Tower in just 38 seconds.

Harris Dobbs, 13, said: “My ears kept popping when we went up in the lift because it went so fast.

“At the top there was VR [virtual reality] sets and when you looked through you could see the city being developed a century ago and all the houses being built.”

Scarlett Clawson, 14, said: “You could see across the whole of Paris. The trip was really fun and it was a magical experience – a once in a lifetime experience.”

On the river cruise Amy Evans, 14, and Scarlett chatted to each other in French to improve their language skills.

Adam Wojciechowski, 11, had previously travelled through France,but it was his first time in Paris.He said he liked the hotel the best because he got a good night’s sleep.

Harris said he didn’t think the Eiffel Tower was better than Blackpool Tower and the highlight of the trip for Harry Cameron, 12, was when they visited the Paris Wembley equivalent Stade de France.

As a Burnley and West Brom supporter, Harry said the French stadium made the English grounds look like miniatures.

He said: “We got to look round the stadium, the changing rooms and then also got to stand on the edge of the pitch.”

Lucy Cavens, 11, loved going to Euro Disney and she specially enjoyed the indoor Space Mountain ride.

Amy said the fireworks at night at Disney were spectacular and the French music added to the atmosphere.

She added: “It was good to socialise with pupils from different years that we had never really talked to.”

Harris added: “I thought it was a brilliant experience and we were all very lucky to get the opportunity.”

French teacher Mrs Haworth said: “The trip went really, really well and the pupils were a credit to the school and had a fantastic time.

“It was really nice to spend time with them in a different environment and it was a privilege to be a part of their enjoyment.

“There were so many highlights it is hard to pick one but Euro Disney was brilliant with all the rides and I had never been up the Montparnasse Tower before.

“While on the Seine cruise we saw Notre Dame Cathedral and it was such a tragedy to see it in flames just a few days later.”