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February 7, 2019

Pupils taste of life in ‘Big School’

YEAR 6 pupils got a taste of high school life when they spent a day at Fearns.

The got to take part in a number of lessons from humanities to modern foreign languages, English to PE.

Food Technology was busy with the potential pupils making sausage rolls while in the science labs they got to burn different foods and worked out what energy they gave off by heating water.

Holy Trinity’s Dylan Highley-Bell, 10, said: “I like cooking with my mum and I have helped her make a pie. I also like to cook my own steak with my granddad.

“I got to make sausage rolls and they looked like the best ones I had ever seen.”

Esther Smith and Lucy Lord from Britannia enjoyed finding out which food gave off the most energy.

As they burnt Nice biscuits they delighted as the water in the test tube started boiling and the thermometer soared to 100C.

Lucy said: “It is better to do this than to eat the biscuits.”

Particularly popular was the sports facilities where they got to play dodgeball, tennis and try out the trampolines in the movement hall.

Around 230 pupils were in school from 10 feeder primary schools.