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February 7, 2019

Fearns are heads above others at university presentation

UNUSUAL head gear won the day when pupils from Fearns delivered a presentation on the Royal Family.

Ten Year 11pupils made their final visit to Manchester University as part of the Gateway Project.

Librarian Mrs Humphries said: “As this was their last visit to the university before leaving school, the day was designed to help them with skills they will use in their college or university life.

“The first presentation was effective note taking and the pupils had to listen to a lecture based on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding and take notes in a style they had been given.”

The pupils, and students from other schools that were attending, were then split into groups to plan a presentation on a different aspect of the lecture.

Four Fearns pupils Rory Jackson, Leon Watson, Ellis Walne and Brandon Mayor along with two students from another school evaluated the economic cost of the wedding.

Rory, 15, said:“We carried out research and looked at whether it was worth it and the cost of security. Leon persuaded the group that is was beneficial and we all agreed.

“We all then chipped in to deliver our presentation.”

When Leon delivered their closing statements, he did so in a Cossack hat and sunglasses and the audience immediately warmed to the humour in the presentation.

He said: “I explained that we spend £40million on the Queen and the Royal Family and covering expenses, but this country gets back £7billion in tourism and £160million in rent from the homes.

“I explained that they were cost effective and added in a few jokes. I also pointed out the age that many of the people who complain about the Royal Family will be when they stop work and yet here is the Queen, she is 92, and she is still working.”

The pupils’ presentation was picked as the best out of the six that were delivered and they all won a Manchester University scarf.

The pupils journey on the Gateway Project began in Year 7 and they have visited the university every year since to get an idea of what life would be like if they opt to complete a degree.