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21st September 18
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Appeals Procedure For Students Following Release Of


Marks From The Awarding Bodies

“Enquiries About Results”


Any student that is unhappy with a mark awarded from an awarding body upon issue of results should follow the following procedure:-


Contact the relevant Subject Leader as soon as possible in person to discuss mark, raise concerns and discuss the best way forward. The Exams Officer will advise on what options are available to query the mark and the costs involved.


Students should be aware that Enquiries about Results (EARs) can results in marks being raised, confirmed or lowered. Students should sign a consent form to confirm that they understand the consequence of an enquiry.


Exams Officer to review marks and discuss with the Subject Leader to agree the way forward taking into account the break down of marks and grade boundaries and the student’s predicted grades. If the school agrees to support the enquiry please follow (1) below, if not the Exams Officer should advise the student as per (2) below.


A student may appeal against a decision not to support an EAR’s. Appeals should be made in writing to the Headteacher no later than 5 working days before the published deadline for EARs. The appeal should be in writing and state the full details of the complaint and the reasons for the appeal, the appeal should be signed and dated and include a daytime contact telephone number of the student. This information will be reviewed by the Headteacher or another member of the schools Senior Leadership Team if the Headteacher is unavailable and the outcome of the appeal will be communicated by telephone where possible or 1st class post within 24 hours of receipt. This decision is final.


  1. If the Subject Leader agrees that the school supports an enquiry, the request together with the student’s consent form should be made to the Exams Officer before the published deadline for EARs. An enquiry will incur a cost; if the enquiry is successful, the fee will be refunded.


  1. If the school does not support the enquiry, the student may still proceed in some cases (please contact the Exams Officer to check) with the enquiry but all costs involved need to be paid by the student at the time the enquiry is made. No enquiry will be made unless the fees are paid. Requests should be made in person to the Exams Officer before the published deadline for EAR’s. If the enquiry is successful, the fee will be refunded to the student.


Outcomes following EARs will be made in writing by the Exams Officer to the student as soon as they have been received from the Awarding Bodies.