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22nd June 18
Trail : home / News / Archived News 2014/15 : Drama spells out alcohol issues to pupils

Drama spells out alcohol issues to pupils

Drama spells out alcohol issues to pupils

THE shocking reality of the dangers of underage drinking was spelt out to pupils watching a theatre production.

Collingwood Learning from Holmfirth performed Smashed for the Year 7s and 8s at Fearns as part of a responsible drinking theatre in education programme.

James Ready, age 12, said: “It was a show based on three people who were drinking and all were underage.

“They explained their dreams and aspirations and one wanted to be a model, but as a result of alcohol she never got the chance.”

Kyle Keating, 13, said: “There was a fight between the two lads who had been drinking and the girl tried to break it up. A glass had been broken on the floor and she slipped and the glass scarred her for life.”

James said: “It was quite shocking, which was something I was not expecting because they usually dumb it down.

“At the end of the play the girl was left scarred and she never got to be a model. The boys lost their friendship and failed their GCSEs.

“Underage drinking can have a much larger effect on your life than you imagine; you think it will cause just a hangover but it can do a lot more than that.

“They put it across using humour and jokes which appealed to our age group.”

Following the production there was a question and answer session with the actors.



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